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Year 6 make Eiffel Towers!


It was my last French lesson yesterday with the Year 6 classes and as a special treat the children built their own Eiffel Tower constructions using only marshmallows and straws.  It was great to see them working so well as a team and some very creative towers were created in the process as well as lots of sticky fingers!



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Nursery learn about mini beasts in French!


I loved my time in nursery this morning.  Children have been learning about mini beasts as part of their new topic and we watched a short video all in French which helped us count in French as well as learn some new words.  We then learnt the names of 6 mini beasts complete with actions!



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La chasse aux petites bêtes!!!


As part of KS1 School Grounds week, children in year 2 have been searching our den for some mini beasts. Firstly we learned the names of 12 mini beasts in French before going on a hunt! The children were so enthusiastic and it was lovely hearing them saying the names in French once they had found them!

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Year 5 showcase their present tense raps!


To end our unit on present tense regular verbs children from 5A took part in their own mini talent contest in true X-Factor style by presenting their own version of the present tense rap!

Here it is for you to practice at home: –


The Present Tense Rap

To learn the present tense

Is so cool

All you need to do

Is follow the rule


To find the stem

You don’t need a brain

Knock off two letters

It’s always the same


ER verbs are

The biggest by miles

If you understand them

It will be all smiles


Je, Tu

Il and Elle

These are the starts

We know so well



and two more Es

Are the endings

That go with these


Nous, Vous,

Ils and Elles

Plural starts

Do they ring a bell?


The endings are longer

To rehearse

So put them down

And start a new verse


O, N ‘n S

All go with Nous

E and Z

The same with Vous


The other two

Are easy you see

They both end with

E, N, T


IR verbs

Are much harder to name

But you find the stem

Just the same


The order they come

Is as before

Je is the start

You can’t ignore




Are always the same

Wherever you sit


Issons, issez, issent

Are the plurals of these

You can say them quickly

If you please


RE verbs

Are the easiest yet

But they’re so few

Is it worth the sweat?


S, S

And nothing at all

Are the endings

That start the ball


The last few endings

Are easiest by far

They’re just the same

As they are for ER

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Astérix comes to Brookburn!


I am really pleased with my recent purchase of hardback Astérix books which I am hoping the Year 6 children will enjoy reading following on from our recent topic all about the Olympic Games.

Today we finally finished watching the film “Astérix and Obélix at the Olympic Games” and it was really funny! What did you think of it Year 6?

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What are we learning in our last half term?


I cannot believe how quickly this academic year has flown by and in 6 weeks time school will be over for Summer yet again.  For the last half term we will be looking at some new projects …

Year 2

In Year 2, children have just started to look at some key verbs in French to say what they can do using lots of actions.

So far we have looked at the following verbs: –

danser – chanter – manger – regarder – cuisiner

Can you remember what any of these mean? Can you say what you can do using “Je peux …?”

Year 3

In Year 3, we will be starting our new topic this week all about the history of ancient Britain which they have also been learning about as part of their topic work.

Year 5

We are looking at personal pronouns and French regular verbs.  This week we will be looking at present tense regular verbs ending in -ER and using bilingual dictionaries to look up the meaning of different verbs (infinitives) as well as identifying stems and endings.

Year 6

This week Year 6 children are enjoying a fantastic week away in Ghyll Head however prior to this we have been watching the film Obélix aux Jeux Olympiques following on from our topic all about the ancient and modern Olympic Games.

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Year 1 perform “Le petit chaperon rouge”


In our final French lesson this half term children in Year 1 revised the key characters and core vocabulary from the French version of “Little Red Riding Hood”.  They then chose and colored in their own picture which were all individually mounted onto little plastic sticks for them to hold before practicing their own version of the story in their groups.  Some groups performed in front of the class. They were all truly amazing with their French accents and acting skills!  Fantastique!



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L’Eurovision 2017


Image result for eurovision 2017 logo

In a change to our normal French lessons, children in Year 6 have been learning how to form simple opinions in French whilst listening to 6 of this years current entries from the Eurovision Song Contest which this year takes place in Kiev, Ukraine.

First of all we learnt how to form  a range of opinions using the pictures below to help!


3 POINTS                            2 POINTS              1 POINT

We then listened to 6 entries from the following countries: –

Le Royaume-Uni – La Roumanie – La France – La Croatie – Le Portugal – La Biélorussie

Children then had to rate each song by using an appropriate opinion in French and by scoring.

Children voted La Roumanie to be their favourite song so here it is for you to listen to as well as the UK entry.


Here is the UK entry “Never Give Up on You” performed by Lucie Jones.


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Year 1 – Fantastic listening and acting skills!


Year 1 children amazed me yesterday with their fantastic acting skills. We listened to and watched the story of Little Red Riding Hood first of all in English followed by French.  When listening to the French version, we acted out some of the main characters and key vocabulary.

Can you remember the actions to any of the pictures?

Can you match the French words with the pictures?

Petit Chaperon Rouge – Story Word and Picture Cards


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Vous désirez, vous désirez Madame?


To finish our Year 3 topic “Au Café” this week, children had to learn part of a French song with pictures and props and performed it to the rest of the class in true X-Factor style in front of a panel of judges!

I am sure you will agree much fun was had with the children making up their own dance routines!

Cafe Song Words (French)



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