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FAIREwell cheesy songs!


We have now finished learning about our final irregular verb which is the verb FAIRE meaning to do/make.  It is sad that we are saying FAIREwell to the fabulous cheesy songs we have been listening to over the last few weeks to inject some extra fun into French grammar!  Which one is your favourite?


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Talk for writing French style!


Year 3 children used Talk for writing this week to help them learn a French song about ordering food and drink items at the café.  Can you remember the words?

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Cheesy songs part 3!


Today in Year 6 we have been learning how to conjugate the irregular verb ETRE meaning TO BE.  Which song is your favourite?


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More cheesy moments …


Today in Year 6 we have been looking at how to conjugate one of the most important French verbs.  This verb is AVOIR meaning to have.  We have listened to these songs and voted for our favourite.  Which one is yours?

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Year 6 enjoy more cheesy moments in class …



As part of our topic on irregular French verbs, today  we have been learning how to conjugate the verb ALLER meaning to go.  We listened to a selection of songs and the children had to vote on the favourite.

Which one do you think is the most cheesiest out of these 4?

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Les pronoms personnels


In Year 6 today we have started our new unit all about irregular verbs and our starter activity was to see how many French pronouns we could remember!  I was not dissappointed!  What amazing memories the children have and some were able to recall what they remembered about regular verbs from year 5!

Here are 2 cheesy songs to help you incase you forget! Remember the first one gets really fast!

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C’est l’Halloween


un vampire

un fantôme un diable une sorcière
une chauve-souris une momie un feu follet

un squelette

We have been learning some Halloween vocabulary this week.  Can you remember what any of these words mean?  Can you remember the actions?

We have also learnt a French song all about Halloween …

… as well as watching a French cartoon all about learning how to draw a witch!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Year 3 French letters!


Year 3 spent the final lesson before half term writing their letters to our French Partner School. These should be on their way now and I am so excited to get replies! Thank you for providing photos! The children wrote the letters entirely in French using all the new language we have been learning as part of our recent unit called “Je me présente”. I will put copies of the letters on display in the year 3 area! 

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The French Bags are BACK!


They have been a long time coming but I am pleased to announce that the French Bags for Year 5 and 6 are bag and as I am sure you will agree the wait has been well and truly worth it as the bags have been designed by many of the Year 6 children!


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French Comic Strips!


Well done Year 6 on some amazing comic strips following on from our topic all about le week-end!


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