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Year 6 are very creative!


Children in 6B have had double French this afternoon and have been busy finishing off their comic strips as well as designing their own French bags.  Some of these bags will be coming home shortly with some goodies for those children in each UKS2 class who have really impressed me in French!


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Comic Strips!


As part of our topic on weekend activities, year 6 are busy making their comic strips in French writing about what they do at the weekend and at what time.  I am sure you will agree this one is particularly impressive!


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We have been taking a look at the fantastic French games website called Activiscope which is free for all children at Brookburn.  You can access this in 2 simple ways: –


Log onto the main school website home page at 

Under Brookburn Blogs click on French.

Under the Links tab click on Activiscope.


Type in

The username and password are both nubridge.

This website is due to close down shortly however a new and much better replacement will be here soon and I will provide children with the details ASAP.  In the meantime, have fun and if you do get chance to post a comment on the French blog about your experience of Activiscope, you will receive a special sticker!

Screenshots of Activiscope activities

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Quelle heure est-il?


Great team work shown today by the year 6’s when set an extremely challenging task of putting different times in order (all in French of course!)  Time can be tricky to get to grips with even in English but they did not give up!  Magnifique!

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Year 5 DEFINITLEY have it!


In todays French lesson, we looked at the DEFINITE article anddid you know that there are 4 different ways in French to say THE?  But can  you remember which is which?  Here is a summary …

Can you think of 4 school subjects (in French of course) which use a different word for “the?”

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Comment ça va?


As part of out topic “Je me présente” (All about me), children in year 3 enjoyed a paired speaking game where they had to take it in turns to be the doctor/patient and had to ask one another how the other was feeling using the phrase Comment ça va? The patient had to roll a dice and had to say the phrase depending on the number. It was lovely to see and hear the children working independently with such confidence!

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We have some new arrivals!


Sadly our French bears Maurice, Madeleine, François and Françoise have had to return to France now as they were missing their families.  They have spent the last couple of years here with us at Brookburn and the children in Years 1, 2 and 3 have shared some fond memories with them over this time.  We wish them all the very best and we will miss them!  Bon voyage!

I am pleased however to announce that we have some new arrivals here at Brookburn.  I would like to introduce our twin bears Albert and Annick who are both 2 years old.  We are fortunate to have 2 sets of these gorgeous French bears and each week, I will choose my French star pupil in either Year 1/2 and Year 3 to take home one of the bears to spend time with and to complete a small diary entry which may include pictures if your child wishes to do so.  Each week, your child will be given the opportunity to share their news with the rest of the class and it is always lovely to hear what they have been up to and I have been amazed at how much French the children are producing!  So please keep an eye out!

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À l’école


Our new topic this half term  in Year 5 is all about school and today we looked at a video showing a typical day at a French primary school in Marseille.

Watch the clip again and see if you can find the French for …

  1. Playtime
  2. The library
  3. The ICT suite

4. What time does the school day start/finish?

5. Can you find 3 differences between this French school and Brookburn?

We also learnt the names of 10 school subjects.  Can you remember what these are in English?

la musique


le sport

les sciences

le dessin

How can you tell if a noun in French is feminine, masculine or plural?

Remember, the first 5 children from each Year 5 class to answer the above will earn 25 Team Points!

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Les animaux


In year 2, we had so much fun learning the names of some animals in French and the children recorded their voices using the mini microphones!

Can you work out what these animals are?

un lion

un oiseau – Can you remember what sound the oi makes?

un lapin

un cheval

un mouton

Keep an eye out on the year 2 corridor for the names of even more animals we will be learning next week!

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Les instructions de classe


We have been revising classroom instructions this week as well as learning some new phrases and I have been busy putting up a new display along the main corridor.  In Year 5, I took lots of pictures of the children acting out the instructions and some of these can be found on display.  In year 6, we learnt a song in French about classroom instructions and the children had fun recording themselves singing using our mini microphones which are great for speaking and listening!

Here are the instructions we have been learning! Can you practise them at home?






Rangezvos chaises

Rangez vos affaires



Venez au tapis





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